School Information

School Opening

The School Office is open Mon-Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm
Classes run from 8.45am to 3.45pm Mon & Tues and 8.45am – 3.05pm Wed, Thurs and Fri. There is a Morning Break of 20 minutes and Lunch is 40 minutes. All classes are of forty minutes duration.

Office Hours for Students

Students are welcome to meet with the office staff during the following times:
8.30am – 8.45am, 10.45am – 11.05am, lunchtime and after school.

Supervised Study

After-school study is available for students Monday to Friday for two hours. Evening study, for those who choose it, follows after a 30 minute break for a further three hours. Parents/guardians are notified by text if a student is absent from study.

Paul Dorell School Pictures 212School Dress Code

The uniform is an essential part of the Ardscoil Rís identity. It creates a sense of equality
amongst students and reduces expense on parents. School uniform must be worn during the school day, on school related activities and travelling to and from school.

Uniform Details

  • Mid-Grey Pants
  • Mid-Grey V-neck pullover with School Crest
  • Blue Shirt
  • School Tie
  • School Jacket (compulsory)
  • Footwear – Black leather shoes. Black sports shoes are not acceptable
  • Hair, if dyed, must be in a single, natural colour

*Requests for uniform exceptions on medical grounds must be accompanied by a written explanation from the relevant health professional

The school uniform is supplied by the following:

Mike O’Connell’s, 9 Catherine Street, Limerick
Noel’s Menswear, Wickham Street, Limerick
Gemma’s Fashion Shop, Henry Street, Limerick

For P.E Classes pupils will require:

  • White Shorts
  • Ardscoil Rís T-Shirt (available in school in September)
  • Gym shoes

Under no circumstances will ‘hoodies’ or sports top allowed to be worn to school or brought to school. The full uniform must be worn for all house and state examinations. Students presenting out of uniform may not be permitted to attend class until correct uniform is worn. Non-uniform items of clothing brought to school may be confiscated for a period of time. Each student’s full name must be on his uniform especially his school jacket.

Students Personal Property


Students must take responsibility for their own personal property. All items of uniform
should be clearly marked with the student’s name. All books, workbooks, maths sets, sports gear etc should be clearly marked with the student’s name and class. Students should report any missing items immediately to their Year Head and hand their name and written details into the office. A Lost and Found service is operated by the Student Council.


Ardscoil Rís has a zero tolerance attitude to bullying. Where we become
aware of bullying
or it is reported to us, it is regarded as extremely serious and will be followed up on thoroughly.

Bullying is… Always hurtful, Never just fun, Repeated behaviour, Anti-Social behaviour.

Ways of bullying

  • Being called names
  • Being teased (verbally, by text or internet)
  • Being pushed, pulled about, hit or attacked
  • Having your bag, lunch or possessions taken or thrown around
  • Having rumours spread about you
  • Being ignored or left out
  • Being forced to hand over money or other possessions

What can you do if you are being bullied?

  • If you are being bullied it is not your fault, it is the bully that has the problem, not you. Do not blame yourself.
  • If you are called names or slagged try to laugh it off and do not react. If you show no reaction there is no point in continuing.
  • Do not hit out. You may get hurt or be seen as a bully yourself.
  • Act as confident as you can., face them and tell them to stop. Practice what you are going to say. Look them in the eye, say it and walk away.
  • Tell someone; your parents, class teacher, Year Head or any teacher you have a good relationship with.

What should you do if you see someone being bullied?

  • Refuse to join in
  • Try to get the student who is being bullied to talk to his parents or to a teacher.
  • Offer to tell someone for him.
  • Try to talk to others about the bullying as bullies thrive in a culture of silence.
  • Let the bullies know that you are not so frightened of them that you will do nothing.
  • Don’t get involved in bullying yourself by fighting or slagging on behalf of the victim

The subject of bullying is covered with all students in SPHE class and also with First Years by their Mentors. It is not an excuse for the bully to say it was just a mess or that they were ‘only slagging’.

Telling tales is telling to get someone into trouble. Telling to be safe is telling to get someone out of trouble.