Guidance and Counselling

Three Guidance Counsellors help to identify each student’s potential and to advise on further education and career opportunities for them on leaving the school. Emphasis on Guidance Counselling is now an integral part of the Junior Cycle Programme. All Guidance Counsellors are available for individual counselling with students.

Guidance Counsellors:

Mr. Michael Gleeson, Ms. Maria Goodwin and Mr Pat Walsh

  • Individual counselling to all students by request
  • Class Guidance provision to 6th, 5th and Transition Year
  • Class guidance provision to 3rd years for subject choice / guidance issues
  • Class guidance to 2nd years once a term for guidance issues
  • Class guidance provision to 1st years for subject choice / guidance issues
  • Subject choice seminars for incoming 5th year students
  • Subject choice seminar for incoming 5th year parents
  • Psychometric Testing: Differential Aptitude Tests: Transition Year and 5th Years
  • Career Interest Inventory is completed by all Third Years
  • First year induction interviews
  • 6th year career options interviews
  • Organised Open Days: UL, LIT, Mary Immaculate & Art Colleges.
  • Career Exhibitions: Higher Options at RDS & Patrickswell Racecourse
  • Guest Speakers from 3rd level and further education institutions e.g. UL, LIT, UCC, NUIG, Shannon College of Hotel Management, FAS, Defence Forces and Banks.
  • Careers Evening for 5th and 6th year students
  • Career Library
  • Assistance in completing CAO and UCAS application forms.
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Mentoring
  • Liaise with NEPS and other referral agencies
  • Parents are welcome to make an appointment to meet with any member of the Guidance Team.

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