Mentoring - 1There is a mentoring system in place in the school. This is designed to help our First Years to settle in and to develop leadership in out Fifth Years. Each May a group of Transition Year students apply for the Mentoring Programme. They undergo training by the Guidance Department and meet our new first years when they arrive in August. Mentors are  assigned in pairs to about 7/8 First Years and stay with that group until they move into Second Year. 

Mentoring - 2

Their main responsibilities lie in helping their group to settle into Ardscoil, to get to know their way around and the way we do things. They assist with nderstanding the weekly timetable, the geography of the school, filling the student journal etc. Other areas where the Mentors provide support include preventing bullying, study skills and exam preparation.

Our Mentors meet with their groups regularly throughout the year and go bowling with them in the Spring term.

Mentors List 2013/2014