Pastoral Care

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Through its pastoral care arrangements and provision, Ardscoil Rís demonstrates its continuing concern for the personal and social development of all its pupils, regardless of their age or ability, as individuals and as secure, successful and fully participating members of the school and its wider community.

Pastoral care is, perhaps, at its most effective when it is all-pervasive and fully integrated into the school’s daily routines, its curriculum and its extra-curriculum activities. This approach has been adopted by the staff of Ardscoil Rís.

Pastoral Care in Ardscoil means:

  • The integration of the academic, social and religious dimensions of a school’s energy so that an atmosphere of care prevails within the school community.
  • Being essential to the daily life of the school. It involves not only the pastoral care team but in various ways all members of staff.
  • Recognising the individuality of each person in the school community and the special needs that can arise from to time to time.
  • The pastoral care aspect of the school community is a whole-school responsibility concerning students, staff and parents. It is a requirement of the 1998 Education Act that schools “promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students.” 
  • Ardscoil Rís aims to promote the spiritual, personal, physical, cultural, aesthetic and academic development of its students. It aims to create a community where students are imbued with Christian values of respect, justice and integrity.
  • It encourages, students to become involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities to ensure that all students achieve their true full potential.

Paul Dorell School Pictures 269 Ardscoil Rís seeks to provide a safe and secure environment to  maximise learning. We define learning as the academic development and personal growth of the student to his full potential. For such learning and development to occur an effective Pastoral Care structure must exist in the school. The ethos of the school is reflected in the moral, intellectual, spiritual, personal and social development of our students. This must be supported in a coherent manner and an effective pastoral care structure contributes significantly to this endeavour. 

The Pastoral Care Team meets weekly to review the  Pastoral Care needs of the students and staff. This team liaises with the SPHE teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain, Year Heads and others towards the provision of a secure, happy place for all to work and thrive in.

Pastoral Care in Ardscoil Rís