Career Guidance & Counselling

We are very fortunate in Ardscoil Rís to have 4 fully-qualified Guidance Counselors on site in school. A question asked sometimes is What is Guidance?

After-School Study

Guidance is defined as:

A range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence that assist students to make choices (personal and social, educational and career) about their lives and to make transitions consequent on these choices.
(NCGE Planning the School Guidance Programme, 1.1, p.8)

Our recently updated and reviewed Guidance Plan is guided by the principles of our school ethos and demonstrates a commitment to provide Pastoral Care, Guidance and Counselling services to the students and teachers of Ardscoil Rís and to discharge its responsibility under the Education Act (1998), Section (9) Subsection (c) which states that “schools must ensure that students have access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices”. The provision of guidance is a statutory requirement for schools under this Act.


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