Pastoral Care

Ardscoil Rís has a very well established Pastoral Care system with clear, well-established referral pathways for our students. The school has an experienced Pastoral Care Team that meets formally every week. Each Year Group has a Year Head that meets formally each week with the Senior Management Team in the school.

Croagh Patrick 2022
Students on top of Croagh Patrick

The Pastoral Care Team in Ardscoil Rís

The Pastoral Care Team in Ardscoil Rís consists of the Principal and two Deputy Principals, and two Guidance Counsellors. It is a well-established and experienced team that meets formally each week. 

While acknowledging that every member of school staff has a duty of care to our students, the Pastoral Care Team looks at how best to support the learning, social, emotional, and behavioural needs of students. This is done in partnership with students, parents/guardians, staff and, where necessary and appropriate, external services. 

Year Heads

Each Year Group from 1st to 6th Year has its own Year Head. The Year Head, in association with the Senior Management Team, has responsibility for their Year Group. The Year Head plays a crucial role as they strive to build positive relationships in the Year Group. As well as monitoring and supporting students' attendance, punctuality, learning, social, emotional, and behavioural needs, a significant area of responsibility is in terms of Pastoral Care whereby they work with the Pastoral Care Team. 

The Class Teacher plays an important role in supporting the work of the Year Head.

Parents/Guardians can also use VSware, as well as the School Journal, to monitor their son's progress.