Non-Exam Subjects in Senior Cycle

In 5th and 6th Year students in Ardscoil Rís will also study non-exam subjects. These subjects are Religious Education (RE), Senior Cycle Physical Education (SCPE) and Career Guidance.

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Senior Cycle Physical Education (SCPE)

Senior Cycle Physical Education (SCPE) aims to encourage learners’ confident, enjoyable and informed participation in physical activity while in senior cycle and in their future lives. The Framework is structured around six curriculum models. Each model provides a detailed map, including a rationale, planning, implementation and assessment guidance, all of which can be used in the design of a physical education programme in senior cycle.

The models are

  • Health-related physical activity
  • Sport education
  • Contemporary issues in physical activity
  • Adventure education
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Teaching games for understanding

The framework builds on students’ prior learning in primary PE, and junior cycle PE short course and Junior Cycle Physical Education Framework (JCPE).

Religious Education

Religious Education promotes tolerance and mutual understanding. It is a broad course which seeks to develop the skills needed to engage in meaningful dialogue with those of other or of no religious traditions.


Guidance is defined as a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence that assist students to make choices (personal and social, educational and career) about their lives and to make transitions consequent on these choices.
(NCGE Planning the School Guidance Programme, 1.1, p.8)